Woman spends £ 5,000 on designer handbags – then finds they are virtually worthless


A woman who was hoping to sell her collection of designer bags was stunned when she was told the resale price.

Marlene, 79, from Sheffield, and her husband Brian were trying to liquidate some of their assets and put them in a trust fund for their granddaughter.

Appearing on ITV’s three-part series Million Pound Pawn yesterday (March 10), the couple turn to pawnshop Dan Hatfield for help and Marlene decides to part with eight of her many handbags. luxury – from Gucci, Vivienne Westwood to Paul Smith.

“I have a real addiction to handbags, I have very expensive tastes,” she says.

The fashion lover then points out that the black ostrich Vivienne Westwood is a limited edition for which she expects to fetch £ 1,500.

Marlene was hoping to get around £ 6,000 by selling eight designer bags, some of which were limited editions

She hopes to get a return of £ 6,000 on the eight handbags.

Dan then goes to bag expert Charlie for an appraisal and she believes the “made in Italy” stamp indicates that the bags were mass produced, which will significantly reduce the value of the bags.

Charlie adds, “I think she paid five thousand dollars for this collection, but it’s really about the fashion of the bag.”

She was shocked when Dan delivered the appraisal of £ 1,065 in total
She was shocked when Dan delivered the appraisal of £ 1,065 in total

When Dan revisits the couple to deliver the assessment, Marlene is stunned.

He says: “I went to see one of the UK’s top sack experts. She says for the Westwood about £ 100.”

Marlene gasps and says, “Are you kidding? £ 100?

Then Dan pulls out the Gucci monogram print hobo bag and adds, “It’s a bit of a classic, isn’t it?

“This Gucci would cost £ 250.”

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Marlene says she paid around £ 2,000 for the bag and expects her Gucci black python bag to be worth around £ 1,000.

Dan says he’s valued at just £ 150.

“I have this vision of what I get for my bags,” adds Marlene. “He was completely crushed.”

Dan said he would buy all eight handbags for £ 1,065.

Marlene admitted that she was not using the bags and decided to sell them all.

Million Pound Pawn is available now on ITV Hub.

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