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Source: Bernard Smalls / @ PhotosByBeanz83

Diddy continues to speak even more about the power of culture. He recently denounced the Richard Mille brand and made it clear that we can do better with our money.

As spotted on Hype Beast the tycoon dropped a lot of jaws last week. At a dinner with his former record artist Shyne, the CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment went left when he started discussing the hugely popular luxury watch house. “I am not an enemy. I am not an enemy; I am a fly sh * t connoisseur. And I’m just telling you that you are all fooled by the Richard Mille, ”he explained. He will explain later why the Richard Mille is a dub in my eyes.

“The Richard Mille is [like] a Timex [watch] or stuff like that. Do you understand what I’m saying? “He continued.” You all, it’s not hot. I got like two or three. I never take them out. They are ugly. I don’t even want to hate. Combs has then came up with better ways to spend six figures. “I don’t even know Richard Mille, but shit. I’m on Black sh * t,” he said. “Black men: save your money and go buy one. House.”

This isn’t the first time Puffy has gone against the grain of what appear to be hot trends. Last year he accused politicians of being untrustworthy and said people of color shouldn’t just vote for Joseph Biden on a general principle. “The black vote will not be free,” he said. “Nothing has changed for black America. For us to vote for Biden, we cannot be taken for granted as we always are because we are supposed to be Democrats or because people are afraid of Trump, ”he explained.

You can watch him discuss Richard Mille below.


Photo: Bernard Smalls

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