Up-and-coming black woman-owned store offering specially designed children’s clothing representing black children

Indy Mindy offers culturally aware and specially designed children’s sleepwear, onesies and pajamas that encourage black children to represent their skin and culture.

Canada – January 21, 2022 – The children’s clothing section in the country has barely represented people of color, so far. A Black woman-owned, culturally conscious children’s clothing startup is poised to revolutionize the nation’s children’s clothing scene by expanding children’s clothing and sleepwear specifically designed to represent Black children. Titled “Indy Mindy,” the burgeoning children’s clothing store focuses on pajamas and clothing specifically designed for small children and teens.

In an exclusive interview, Deborah Vassell, the founder of Indy Mindy, shared that her brand focuses on messages and images that represent and empower black children.

“It’s unfortunate that for years black children barely had children’s clothes that could represent them. But at Indy Mindy, we’re all set to redefine the kids’ clothing scene this time by designing cute kids’ pajamas and other kids’ clothes that encourage black kids to embrace their skin, their culture and inspire them to pursue their wildest dreams. We’re all for culturally aware, purpose-built clothing for black kids,” Deborah said.

Indy Mindy offers a wide and versatile range of clothing specially designed for children of all ages.

The Baby Collection is aimed at little munchkins from 0 to 24 months. Starting at just $9.95, the collection offers cool, trendy and extremely comfortable baby clothes in different sizes to choose from. One of the collection’s bestsellers is the 2-pack of cotton pants that feature stretchy waistbands and leg adjustments to ensure an ultra-comfortable fit for the little one. Another popular product from the collection is Comfy Cozy Sleepers. It features aligned buttons and all-cotton makeup to ensure a healthy and relaxed nap for baby. Parents also loved the Melanin Throwback and Black & Determined jumpsuits from the collection. The baby collection also covers a wide range of adorable, ultra-soft sleepwear.

The Toddler’s collection includes sleepwear for children ages 2-5. The coolest part is that the sleepwear pajamas come in specific career-themed designs like Chef, Doctor, Baker, and more. to give wings to the future career goals of the little ones. Mention must be made of the musician pajama sets which represent the best of black art. Featuring a music lover holding a guitar, the pajama set is one of the most sought-after products in the collection.

Indy Mindy also offers a 5-14 collection which offers premium sleepwear in various vibrant patterns and eye-catching designs. Deborah said the kids and teens collection is cleverly designed to encourage children to explore, imagine and dream. Multiple orders will receive a convenient in-store discount.

The store has a dedicated onesies section that offers top quality cute onesies with soft weaves and adorable patterns that have been loved by both parents and toddlers. Bestsellers in the section are It’s About the Frills 5-pack, Melanated Since Day One, Small Dark & ​​Handsome, etc.

“All of our products are made from 100% cotton and the finest materials to ensure a safe, ultra-comfortable and ultra-soft experience for our little ones. Whether it’s onesies or pajamas, our children’s clothes are always very resistant, easy to wear and easy to maintain.

Indy Mindy offers free shipping on all orders over $50.

For more information, visit https://indymindy.com

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