Timex unveils limited edition collaboration watches with Judith Lieber Couture


The process of gemstone inlaying or “icing” a watch has shifted from aftermarket to regular production for many brands in recent years, but despite its growing popularity, the jewelry studded look has remained steadfast. at the upper end of the market. The reasons for this are obvious, with the value of the gemstones involved coupled with the delicate and laborious process of setting each stone into the case, bracelet or dial of a watch leading to a generally high price tag. This expectation of cost is what makes Timex’s latest pair of limited edition releases so striking. Developed in collaboration with fashion brand Judith Lieber Couture, these two new models manage to bring the color and sparkle of rainbow-set timepieces to the entry-level market. Bright, playful and decidedly dedicated to fun above all else, the limited editions Timex x Judith Lieber Q Timex and Timex x Judith Lieber T80 are overtly not for everyone, but offer some of the most daring and striking looks ever offered by the brand .

From the outset, the cases of the Timex x Judith Lieber Q Timex and the Timex x Judith Lieber T80 set themselves apart both from their standard production counterparts and from the rest of today’s set watch market. Of course, given Timex’s position in the market, these models will never directly compete with the invisible materials, techniques and frames of gem-set designs like Hublot, but Timex’s more down-to-earth approach brings its own. playful charm about. Rather than the mix of invisibly set diamonds and gemstones usually seen in ultra-luxury setting designs, both models instead use a mix of transparent and colorful Swarovski crystals, with settings exposed on the flat planes of the designs. housing. The 38mm stainless steel case of the Timex x Judith Lieber Q Timex takes the pair’s sharper and visually bold approach, enveloping the familiar angular shape of the integrated bracelet with 182 transparent Swarovski crystals. The standard rotating bezel of the Timex Q has gone, in favor of a fixed bezel with 57 baguette-cut Swarovski crystals in a full rainbow spectrum. These larger colored stones strongly frame the dial in the initial images and firmly establish themselves as the focal point of the entire case design. The Timex x Judith Lieber T80 35mm rose gold, on the other hand, offers a more muted and complex appearance. Like the Timex Q, the flat areas above the lugs, on the inner bezel, and along the sides of the T80’s case are adorned with 186 round transparent Swarovski crystals, but the polished octagonal outer bezel draws far less attention here than his stable mate. in picture. Much of it comes down to the decision to use a smaller round cup for the 64 Rainbow Crystals installed here, which blend more into the backdrop than the larger crystals in the Q Timex. Aesthetic differences aside, the cases of the two models are functionally identical to their regular production counterparts, with the Q Timex and T80 both offering mediocre water resistance ratings of 50 meters.

While the classic black-on-white LCD digital dial of the Timex x Judith Lieber T80 is identical to the standard model, the Timex x Judith Lieber Q Timex uses its dial space to maintain the fully crystal encrusted appearance of the case and bracelet. It starts with 193 clear Swarovski crystals in a circular pattern radiating out from the center of the dial, covering everything except the embossed logo plaques at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Timex then completes it all with 12 large colored rectangular crystals for the hour markers, creating a rainbow spectrum that mimics the bezel pattern. However, in the initial images this match is not quite perfect, for example the index at 6 o’clock in blue lines up with a green crystal on the bezel. Additionally, Timex’s decision to use a polished lollipop handset on a polished steel and crystal background may very well result in difficult readability. Apart from these potential issues, however, this new dial design should provide a dazzling spectacle for wearers.

The Timex x Judith Lieber Q Timex and the Timex x Judith Lieber T80 are both powered by internal quartz movements. While the movement of the Timex Q is a time-only arrangement, the movement inside the T80 offers a full suite of complications, including daily alarm, Indiglo push-button dial illumination, 1/100 chronograph seconds and a perpetual calendar. Timex finishes both models with wide single link bracelets with hidden butterfly style clasps. The bracelets for both models are fully encrusted with Swarovski crystals to complete the set look, and each subsequent bracelet link uses different colored crystals to create a full rainbow spectrum sequence around the wearer’s wrist. For the Timex Q, this rainbow effect bracelet takes an additional 586 crystals, while the T80’s bracelet uses a little more at 604. In total, both models shine with over 900 crystals each, with the T80 totaling 904 and the Q Timex posting even more at 1.030.

While a far cry from the most opulent or refined rainbow watches on the market today, Timex’s efforts to bring this spectacular style to the more affordable side of the watch market with the limited edition Timex x Judith Lieber Q Timex and Timex x Judith Lieber T80 offer a sparkling and playful charisma all their own. Only 200 copies of each model will be manufactured. The Timex x Judith Lieber Q Timex and Timex x Judith Lieber T80 are available now from select Timex Authorized Resellers, with MSRPs of $ 1,200 and $ 1,000, respectively. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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