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Devonport artist Kate Von Rock wears plaid pants and an oversized blazer. She loves to associate a second-hand purchase with a new clothing brand because it’s fun, reflects her personality, and costs her less. Ms Von Rock and her like-minded collaborator Bell Stott represent a growing trend with a report indicating that the second-hand clothing market is expected to outperform fast fashion by the end of the decade. According to a recent report by online store Thredup and market research GlobalData, the clothing resale market is growing faster than traditional retail, with second-hand clothing expected to be twice the size of fast fashion by 2030. This did not surprise Kate. and Bell, who are joining forces to organize a second-hand clothing market “Closet Secrets” on November 19 from 6 to 9 pm at the RANT Art head office in Devonport on Stewart Street. “It’s like a second-hand clothing market,” Ms. Von Rock said. “We have 20 merchants, including used retailers and independent sellers. There is a variety of affordable clothing, from designer clothes to more generic items to suit all sizes and age groups. “We have merchants who are in their twenties and fifties. IN OTHER NEWS” There is quite a bit of vintage clothing and affordable second-hand clothing. “Ms. Von Rock said that she liked to wear a different style of outfit every day. To change her character regularly with the clothes I choose,” she said. “When you love fashion, I think that’s part of it. You can create these new characters every time you dress up.” We take care of the conservative dresser and the alternative dresser with that market, I think. ” Ms Stott described her clothing choices as “a bit mismatched.” “I don’t have a style, I just wear what I like,” she said. “I’m experimental. customers from the market to bring a bag of groceries. What do you think? Have your say


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