Student-owned streetwear brand established from a young age gears up for the first clothing release

Victoria Eytchison, a first year in exploration, and Tait Fischer, a Huron High School elder, founded sustainable streetwear clothing brand Established Since Youth as an LLC last month. Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Eytchison

As a potential fast-fashion alternative, an Ohio State student’s streetwear brand aims to promote sustainability in clothing.

Victoria Eytchison, an indecisive freshman and artist, and her business partner Tait Fischer, an elder at Huron High School in Huron, Ohio, created the streetwear clothing brand, Established Since Youth. Eytchison said he took inspiration from elevated streetwear styles such as Kanye West’s label Yeezy and designed their clothes to be comfortable and clean, including items such as sweatshirts, hoodies and other streetwear-oriented pieces.

Fischer said he had a vision for a clothing brand in early 2021 and pitched his idea to Eytchison, who was attending his high school at the time.

Drawing on their age and demographics, Eytchison said that she and Fischer organized their brand to represent the clothes they would wear themselves and attract young buyers.

“It’s so nice to be young because it’s like I’m drawing a picture and looking at it and I’m like, ‘I would wear that,'” Eytchison said. “On the other hand, I’m drawing something, and I’m like ‘I hate this.’ We are able to provide this perspective firsthand.

Fischer and Eytchison said they quickly started working to make Established Since Youth a formal business, becoming an LLC on November 1. Fischer said they plan to start removing items in the coming months on social media and their website, which is currently under development.

Much of the brand’s progress is due to help from Lucky Stone Promotions, a clothing printing company in Huron, Fischer said.

“I was fortunate enough to bond with them,” Fischer said. “So my favorite thing about trying to start something is the connections that are key. What you learn through connections is more than a website will tell you.

Eytchison said she was doing creative marketing for the brand and working on building her image before the articles were released. She recruited model Jaila Fletcher, a first year studying fashion and retail, to be a representative for the brand.

“Diversity and inclusion is a very important thing to me because I am a fashion expert myself,” said Fletcher. “I want to be able to include as much diversity as possible in the fashion industry, and I think it’s great that [Eytchison] also wants to do it and show it from the start.

Eytchison said she wants their clothes to be accessible to everyone and values ​​inclusiveness when it comes to size, gender or race.

“We want it to be accessible to everyone,” Eytchison said. “We don’t want sizing to be an issue. We don’t just want to just have, like, a white girl. We want different colors, we want different sizes, different kinds.

Sustainability was also at the forefront of Eytchison’s and Fischer’s minds when establishing Established Since Youth, they said. They said they wanted to use a wholesaler who not only worked with them to produce high quality products, but who was also green and employed an ethical workforce.

“It would be nice to make a huge profit on a cheap wholesale business, but I wouldn’t buy a cheap product,” Eytchison said. “For me, it’s sustainability, but also paying your workers well. You see huge brands that are like Shein and where they source from. Regardless of the size of this brand – hopefully – I never want to employ these types of people. “

The two said they hope the launch of their brand will not only help expand their audience, but also inspire other young entrepreneurs like them.

“Do it a little at a time,” Eychison said. “Like, it’s about managing your time, and if you really want to do something, you will.”

Eytchison and Fischer said they expect their first clothing delivery to be in mid-December or early January 2022. Updates will be posted on their Instagram pages.

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