Spring summer 2021 fun designer handbags available to buy online


Happy News Illustrator and Founder Emily Coxhead is an expert on positivity and shares her take on how important little mood boosters like playful accessories can have on your everyday mood. She explains, “It’s very important to recognize the impact of little mood-enhancing things on your contentment, especially considering how the past year has been for many of us. It’s really the little moments of joy and kindness that make such a difference in our days and when we notice them or pass them on to someone else, it has a much bigger ripple effect than we realize. .

“Playful accessories don’t just cheer me up, but those of the people around you as well. People always seem to compliment bright colors or patterned clothes and it makes you feel good and want to pass that on to someone else as well. I even saw a few people say they dressed a certain way or put on a certain dress / bag / pair of brightly colored shoes etc. inspired by me and it made them happier or more positive and I love it! I notice that I always smile when I see someone on the subway wearing something colorful among the mostly black and gray clothes.

“My ultimate bag for the new season is the Kate Spade Puffy Polka Dot Tote Bag, I love the bright peach melba color and the polka dot pattern, it’s perfect for so many outfits, but more importantly it can hold ALL of my stuff, whether I’m on a trip to London or to the beach, it’s big enough and flexible enough to all accommodate all possible weather conditions.

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