Rivian ‘Gear Guard’ secures and monitors your outdoor gear

The latest Rivian R1T update gives drivers a wealth of cargo security features – and it’s about time.

This week, electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian announced Gear Guard, an intelligent and comprehensive family of anti-theft hardware and software for its R1T Adventure Trucks.

The design unifies three main components – the gear cable, the camera network and the alarm system – into a feature set that could set it apart from all other vehicle security environments on the market.

Here’s how it all works.

Rivian R1T BEV

Gear Guard: anti-theft system for adventure

Rivian’s video surveillance and alarm systems look more or less like the anti-theft upgrades consumers have come to expect. These are valuable but not as exciting as the concept that inspired Gear Guard – the cable. So let’s talk about it first.

Rivian Gear Guard Motion Capture Library UI Equipment Security

Smart Gear Cable

The company wanted to know where today’s market fell short in customer satisfaction. Its development team therefore met mountain bikersPowderhounds and other outdoor adventurers.

They quickly learned that drivers aren’t very concerned about car theft; they care about protecting their outdoor gear – something most of us can relate to.

“’Is my car going to get stolen?’ that’s not the point,” said Larry Parker, the brand’s creative lead. “It’s, ‘Is my bike going to get stolen?'” And so the Gear Guard Cable was born.

Gear Guard Cable

A cut resistant braided steel core and a woven nylon sheath make up the smart cable. Instead of using a key or combination lock, the end of the cable clips into a bezel inside the truck bed. From there, its locking mechanism synchronizes with that of the vehicle and can be controlled independently via the Rivian app.

Currently, Rivian only offers an 8ft gear cable but will release a 14ft version in Spring 2022. Still, the 8ft is long enough to secure equipment on the roof and in bed.

Gear Guard Cable in use

Improved video surveillance and alarm system

For the Gear Guard update specifically, Rivian is turning five of the R1TThe 11 on-board cameras are transformed into “gear cameras”. Located in the front bumper, both side mirrors, above the bed of the truck and above the rear license plate, the gear camera array provides 360 degree optics around the truck and into the truck bed.

Rivian Gear Guard Camera Detail

When the vehicle is parked, the video surveillance system records any nearby human activity in 30-second segments. Each clip is stored in the intelligent system, visible on the R1T’s touch screen.

The alarm system deters would-be thieves from getting too close to the truck and alerts the owner via the Rivian app.

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Availability of Gear Guard

If the Gear Guard system seems a little simpler than you might have imagined, just know that simplicity is what Rivian strives for. “It’s not about creating this fortress,” the Rivian team said. “It’s about getting out into the world and having your adventures.”

It’s worth noting that, at least for now, Gear Guard is exclusive to the R1T Adventure and Launch models, which Rivian lists as starting at $73,000. To verify our opinion on the R1T and how it compares to the GMC Hummer EV truck.

Watch the video below and go to rivian.com/gear-guard-protection to learn more.

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