One Piece Luffy and Shanks Watches Mean It’s Always Pirate O’Clock

My God, would you look at the clock?

hit anime A play joins forces with the Swiss watchmaker Tendence to release a pirate watch trio. The watches, adorned with the art of Luffy and Shanks, celebrate the manga’s 25th anniversary, as well as the upcoming release of FILM ONE PIECE RED.

For Straw Hat fans, there’s the brightly colored Luffy watch. Each number on the face is rendered in the color of one of his teammates’ image (leaving the 11 and 12 clear).

Watch One Piece x Tendence Luffy

There are two versions of Shanks’ watch. The “Red” model features a bold red and black design:

One Piece x Tendence Shanks Watch (Red)

And the limited-edition “Color” model features full-color illustrations of Shanks on a patterned black background. Both bear his iconic scar on the 2:

One Piece x Tendence Shanks watch (color)

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Luffy and Shanks watches (red version) will sell for 49,500 yen each from June 10, and each will come with a notebook as a purchase bonus. Luffy watches are limited to 300 pieces and Shanks watches (red version) are limited to 250 pieces.

One Piece x Tendence Luffy Notebook

One Piece x Tendence Shanks Notebook

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Unfortunately, if you’ve got your eye on the color version of the Shanks watch, you’re out of luck. It was limited to a streak of 25, and it’s already gone. The same goes for Tendence’s Treasure Box: a 99,000 yen treasure chest containing both the Luffy watch and Shanks (red version). It too was limited to 25 pieces.

One Piece x Tendence Treasure Box

So if you have your eye on one of the remaining watches, you’ll want to act fast. Then you can count the time until August 6when FILM ONE PIECE RED finally firsts.

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