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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, Jan. 4, 2022 / – Los Angeles-based clothing maker and fashion production house The Evans Group (TEG) offers fashion advice and a holiday sale. In honor of the season, TEG is offering 10% off all Creative Services, Sourcing and Development on orders submitted by 12/31/21.

But perhaps more importantly, the fashion production house gives useful tips on clothing manufacturing to emerging designers. TEG gives independent fashion designers the tools they need to finally plan and launch a fashion brand. Citing the famous “designer movement”, in which ordinary people feel compelled to create their own articles, TEG encourages readers and designers to take the plunge and finally start designing.

Winter clothing and the future of fashion

In a recent article titled “Custom Fashion to Warm Up Your Winter,” The Evans Group informs readers that winter fashion design is fertile ground for creating memorable and iconic clothing lines. Contrary to what readers may believe, fashion designers aren’t just focusing on outerwear. Naturally, jackets and coats are ripe for attractive designs. But fashion designers don’t let the cold dampen their creative spirit.

The TEG article proves this by citing many examples of new discontinued fashion items, namely loungewear, evening wear and a René Magritte-inspired Birkenstock line.

And after the significant drop in the margins of the fashion industry in 2019-2020, it is quickly finding its marks.

In the blog, TEG quotes “The State of Fashion,” by McKinsey, which describes major and minor movements within the fashion industry. This in-depth analysis of the state of the fashion industry sheds light on what fashion manufacturers and designers should anticipate.

In short, the report paints a bright picture of the future of the fashion industry, how it is recovering from its pandemic woes, and how fashion designers are quickly getting back on their feet. The Evans Group strongly encourages established and new independent fashion designers to take advantage of this rise in the fashion industry and get started in building a fashion brand. In short, there has never been a better time to take a big idea and make it happen.

Empowering manufacturers: sustainable fashion at TEG

In the same McKinsey Fashion Industry Report, McKinsey & Co. states, “More than ever, sustainability dominates consumer priorities and the fashion agenda. Consumers want to know where materials come from, how products are made and whether the people involved are being treated fairly. In response, more and more companies are expanding their sustainable assortments and striving to improve the sustainability of their supply chains. “

This fits perfectly into TEG’s design philosophy. As a client and consumer, you will work directly with sustainable materials and order an ethically made clothing line. Although TEG has always focused on protecting the countries of the South to the extent possible, this is proving to be a significant force as we approach 2022.

Creative power: how TEG helps you design clothing lines

After meeting founder Jennifer Evans in a one-on-one meeting and discussing the details, established and emerging fashion designers will get to work on designing a clothing line. The client will meet extensively with TEG’s Creative Services team, where the bulk of the planning and creative design will be done.

There are different embodiments of the creative process, each with their own price tag and their own level of customization and detail. This range of options from TEG is perhaps where its creative prowess shines the most.

For example, a fashion designer might choose the “Creative Strategy and Planning” option, which includes:
Creative Planning Admission Session
Three-phase action plan
Weekly recordings
Collection development strategy
Overall design analysis
Planning of goods and assortments
Competitive analysis

This package, in particular, helps fashion designers with their market research and analysis. Will your planned clothing line resonate with your target audience? TEG’s Creative Services team does much of the groundwork to help you determine the next steps in the design process.

Along with market research, TEG makes intensive use of the fashion moodboard. The Fashion Mood Board is a free-form collage of items, colors, objects and more that helps imagine what you want from your clothing line.

TEG: Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturers and Why They Matter

It’s kind of a tradition at The Evans Group to mention low MOQ clothing manufacturers and how essential they are to designers around the world. A low MOQ, or low minimum order quantities, is the minimum number of items a manufacturer will accept from a customer before doing business. Fashion giants like Gucci could have astronomical MOQs, well outside the orbit of any designer.

In TEG’s latest piece, the Los Angeles-based clothing maker explains why new designers, in particular, need the expertise of a low MOQ clothing manufacturer.

TEG, itself a low MOQ clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, offers no minimums. No minimum essentially means that the fashion designer can order one to ten clothing samples without committing massively to a larger clothing line. This frees up time and helps new designers conserve resources to capitalize on what works and what doesn’t.

What does this mean for emerging fashion designers?

While TEG’s take on winter fashion changes the perception that winter wear is just outerwear, perhaps its greatest strength is helping established and emerging independent fashion designers to design, create and produce clothing lines.

With a portfolio spanning nearly 20 years, Jennifer Evans and TEG have proven themselves not only knowing what the fashion world does, but also how to capitalize on trends. As TEG says, “Through extensive planning, utilizing the services of talented designers and leaning into low MOQ clothing manufacturing, TEG aims to bridge the gap between fashion concepts and tangible fashion lines. “

With TEG’s background, a team of professionals and an unparalleled creative flair, TEG should be on every designer’s radar.

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