Louis Vuitton unveils its new luminous Tambour Horizon watches

The French house unveils its new line of watches essential to any city wardrobe.

As the world slowly but surely settles into the new normal, many of us are eager to satisfy the travel bug we’ve been suffering from since the pandemic began. And if you’ve booked your 2022 vacation and your vacation wardrobe is in the works, Louis Vuitton has the perfect accessory for you.

In line with its famous line of Tambour watches, the French house unveils the Tambour Horizon Light Up, the new generation of connectable watches. With innovation at the forefront of designs, Louis Vuitton has ensured the watch is multi-functional with an operating system accessible by a quick swipe to the right, unlocking access to weather and air quality statistics as well as your step count, accessibility to music, and even Louis Vuitton’s aptly named City Guides. And, while the watch offers an endless list of handy utilities, this is also reflected in the customization possibilities of the watch. The pristine sapphire crystal and beautifully curved edges provide the perfect canvas for customers, who are encouraged to choose from a range of watch faces, dial configurations, colors and fonts, culminating in offering the most intimate of the house to date.

Now, while the attributes above allow the watch to be considered ahead of its time in terms of functionality, that doesn’t mean the infamous Louis Vuitton codes have been ignored. With monograms galore throughout the design and slick interchangeable straps also reminiscent of its beloved brand, the essence of Louis Vuitton can be felt everywhere.

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