KORE Swiss Watches: Chrono Diver and Field Excursion

KORE watchmakers launched two new Swiss watch models via Kickstarter this month, offering a chance to own the Eclipse and Excursion watches at a discounted price. Featuring a micro-adjustable strap, the watches are now available via Kickstarter and already have over 100 backers and have nearly reached their required pledge goal with 39 days remaining. Specially priced Early Bird Pledges are now available for the Creative Project starting at around $195 or £147 (depending on current exchange rates).

Swiss watches KORE micro adjustable bracelet

“Years of craftsmanship, Kore watches are tough, timeless and technically advanced. Featuring high-quality Swiss movements and our innovative, patent-pending micro-adjustable straps. You’ve never had a watch that fits better. Like all Kore products, they were designed to solve one problem: to keep your watch from slipping and moving endlessly around your wrist. We wanted to create a watch that fits your wrist perfectly. What if our watches don’t not fit, we have a micro-adjustable band for use with your Apple Watch or other watch.

If the KORE crowdfunding campaign is successful in meeting its required engagement goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur around May 2022. To learn more about the KORE Swiss Watch Project, check out the promotional video below.

“Ditch the clips, clasps, and strap holes. Our low-profile track gives you the perfect fit on a rugged Swiss-movement watch. Secretly disguised as a band of classic design, the track offers over 25 micro-adjustable positions. The easy slide and lock system finds the perfect fit on every wrist. To remove, activate the spring-loaded tactical quick release; no more squeezing or adjusting and readjusting loose bands.

All cuffs are NOT created equal. That’s why Kore Essentials men’s watches are over 200% more adjustable than a typical watch strap. And the truth is, standard watches overlook too many sizes, leaving you with a watch that twists and turns all day long. This means that you are constantly readjusting or tightening the band to keep it in place. Either way, you end up with a watch that wears you out. “

“Our dive and field watches come in a strap length that fits any wrist from 12.5mm to 21.6mm, made possible by the hidden track on the back of the strap. The Eclipse Dive will accompany deep reef and wreck dives, or tackle any terrain with the Excursion Field watch, and if you’re looking for a tactical tech experience, you can buy the smartwatch strap for any 44mm Apple Watch. Both the Eclipse and Excursion watches come with two straps (diver and dotted), all securely packaged in a custom KORE AMMO STORAGE BOX.

For a complete list of all available media options, extended lenses, additional media, and full specs for Swiss Watches, head over to the official KORE crowdfunding campaign page by clicking the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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