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As the mid-term holidays begin, staff shortages and IT outages left 30,000 passengers stranded last week alone, with many queuing for hours at airports across the country. Airport security is one of the busiest areas of transit centers and the region most prone to long queues during peak hours.

While staffing shortages are not in the hands of passengers, there are ways vacationers can organize before travel to speed up the security process.

According to Charles Stewart, managing director of eurochange, passengers need to think carefully about what they are packing, as well as what they are carrying.

Although restrictions on hand luggage are well known, many people don’t think about how their travel outfits might slow them down.

Mr Steward said: “[A] The reason people tend to get held up when going through security is because they’re not wearing the right clothes.

“Belts, watches, clothing with metal hardware and jewelry are all items that you will inevitably be asked to remove before going through metal detectors.

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Mr Steward explained: “It is always beneficial to find out about airport security measures in advance to ensure that you are not unwittingly bringing anything prohibited by security.

“Often liquids and aerosols in your hand luggage should be kept under 100ml, this includes deodorant, cosmetics, perfumes and even water, and they should be transferred to a sealable clear bag.”

These rules apply to all flights departing from UK airports.

According to Gov.UK, if you’re taking liquids in your hand luggage, the containers must contain “no more than 100ml” and must be “in a single clear, resealable plastic bag, which contains no more than one liter and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm”.

The contents should fit comfortably inside the bag so that it can be sealed, and the bag should not be tied or tied at the top.

Passengers are limited to one plastic bag per person and this must be shown to staff at the airport security checkpoint.

Mr Stewart said: ‘Before you arrive at the airport, separate all your 100ml liquids into a small travel bag which will be easily accessible when you reach security.

“Don’t worry if it’s not clear, you can quickly transfer the contents to the resealable plastic bag provided by the airport.”

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