How beautiful watches are an integral part of the James Bond look

Among the many things that James Bond is good at is his ability to look fashionable no matter the situation. The secret agent always appears impeccably dressed, whether in brawls or high-speed car chases.

If costumes are his pride, it is the watches he wears that often catch the eye.

For good reason too. Bond has had a long relationship with one of the world’s greatest watchmakers, Omega. The watchmaking creations on which it is attached are therefore marvels to contemplate.

In the current film, No time to die, he wears a watch influenced by Daniel Craig. The actor’s knowledge of Bond would be essential to the creation of a new timepiece adapted to the spy.

“When they showed it to me, I really said, ‘You did it.’ There was nothing at the end that I needed to add,” Craig comments of the collaboration. .

“There’s the style, of course, but it’s also close to a military watch, and you have that heritage with Omega and WWII British Army watches. All of these things that I wanted to connect through, they did. I’m over the moon with this.

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No time to die is the 25th film in the series. It stars Craig in his fifth and final outing as Bond and tells how he is recruited by the CIA to track down a kidnapped scientist – after leaving active service.

While customers who wear this watch are not expected to save the world, it is still a very impressive accessory. Photo: OmegaThe Omega watch released for the occasion fits perfectly into the scenario. This is an updated Seamaster Diver 300M.

“He’s sort of retired. He’s in Jamaica. He’s on his boat. So probably, a little more by accident than by design, it worked perfectly, ”says Craig.

“The fact that it’s a diver’s watch is great, because we’re hinting that it dives in the first part of the movie. Plus, the bracelet, which looks like a vintage 1970s style, I really like that kind of touch. Like a diving watch from the 60s, 70s. It feels like a time.

The Omega Seamaster has been part of Bond’s outfit for golden eye in 1995. He served him faithfully in each of his action-packed missions. The models may have changed, but the relationship never faltered.

For example, he wore a Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial and a Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial for Casino Royale (2006). Quantum of comfort (2008) saw him opt for the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial.

In Fall from the sky (2012), Bond relied on the Planet Ocean 600M and somewhat more dressy Aqua Terra, both powered by Omega Co-Axial calibers.

For the last film, Spectrum (2015), he donned two more watches – the Seamaster 300 Specter Limited Edition and the Aqua Terra 150m.

Craig says he always appreciates how open the watchmaker has been. It is not the case to be presented with a timepiece.

“It shouldn’t be just that you show up on the first day of filming and they say, ‘This is your watch.’ I’m just not built that way, ”he notes. “I always thought we should talk to each other.”

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Bond, however, is not the only character who wears beautiful watches. In No time to die, women love them too.

MI6 agent Moneypenny returns in the film with Omega’s De Ville Prestige. A new character, Nomi – billed as Bond’s femme fatale counterpart – sports a Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M.

That said, the new Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition that Bond wears (and available for fan purchase) remains an integral part of the film.

In one scene, Bond shares his own admiration for the character Q, saying, “I just showed someone your watch. It really blew them away.

Craig also shares the same appreciation for watches.

“My first Omega watch was given to me on my 18th birthday by my father. It was a gold dress watch. I carried it so much that one of the arms came off and I lost it. Unfortunately, he has disappeared. But it was my first real watch, so I always had a love for old Omega.

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