Hoboken-based clothing brand RSVLTS just launched a new line (+Bucket Hats FTW)

To Hoboken Girl, we love supporting locally owned and grown small businesses, especially in Hoboken and Jersey City. When it comes to fun clothing designs, our readers need look no further than here in Hoboken to find a fan favorite. RSVLTS (rose-uh-velts) is a clothing brand dedicated to creating bold and fun everyday fashion with refined designs and high quality products. Customers can find officially licensed collections featuring some of the biggest names in pop culture, sports and entertainment, as well as a wide range of RSVLTS branded gear – everything from shirts to shorts, hats to koozies, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the company and the exclusive offer for hoboken girl readers.

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A Hoboken-based clothing brand inspired by an American president

RSVLTS was co-founded almost exactly 10 years ago by two friends and former students of Seton Hall, John Tramutolo and Stephen Gebhardt. The company is headquartered in Hoboken in the historic district Neumann Leathers Building at 300 Observer Highway. Named after the 26th US President, Teddy Roosevelt, the RSVLTS design team infuses Roosevelt’s well-known joie de vivre into the brand and products with the motto “Dare Mighty Things”.

Request RSVLTS Products culminated when New York Yankees star Aaron Judge wore the “Great Hambino” jersey of The Sandlot at a post-match press conference. This wardrobe choice helped propel the brand and the RSVLTS team never looked back.

While John and Steve still oversee day-to-day operations, the the company has continued to grow over the past few years to include more than 30 employees working in product design, marketing, creation, planning, experience, retail, social media, public relations, and more.



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A shopping experience for fans

RSVLTS customers will find clothing for adults + children with designs focused on fun, fashion and fandom – courtesy of image and artwork rights from major entertainment companies. Not to mention that most of its shirts feature an exclusive material called Kunuflex.™️ which is incredibly light, soft and stretchy, so you feel as good as you look.

“We have licenses with many major studios and organizations like Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Universal, Nickelodeon, WWE and others,” Stephen said. hoboken girl. “From licensed designs to our own RSVLTS branded designs and apparel, our gear is becoming a conversation starter on the streets, at the beach, at theme parks and at music festivals.”

From hats to hoodies to polo shirts, there’s something for every taste and every fan. As a company, RSVLTS works with the movies, shows, and sports organizations that fans love.

“Monday we could work on toy story, tuesday, Jawsand on Wednesday, jurassic park. We work closely with all studios and partners to ensure that what we bring to market has just that little something extra included, like an easter egg or two in models that superfans will be excited about“, said Stephen. “As a team, we work alongside extremely talented and hyper-creative people. From design to content creation to partnerships, everyone at RSVLTS has a seat at the table, which always leads to the best possible products for the company and our customers.


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Available Now at RSVLTS: The Women’s Button Down Shirt

While RSVLTS is known for its Kunuflex unisex short-sleeved shirts, after surveying its female customer base, the female-led development team has worked hard over the past year to produce a women’s-specific style Kunuflex to complement its other offerings.

“While we are developing so many products for adults and children throughout the year when we were developing the women’s style shirts, it was really important to us as women ourselves to get everything right,” said Jacqueline Daly, Creative + Production Project Manager at RSVLTS. “It was a lot of painstaking work and even more trial and error to find the fit, so when the latest version came out and was well received among our customerswe were thrilled!

The positive response was gratifying for the development teamespecially considering the lengthy process involved in making each product.

“What makes these shirts specially designed for women is the hourglass style, so the shirt can fit a variety of body shapes, sizes and curvatures,” said Hsin Lin, director of the RSVLTS product development. “The designs have been hand selected and checked by women at the head office, so we know firsthand that they not only meet our customers’ wishes, but we know that the colors and designs are popular and pleasing to carry.”



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Design + styles make RSVLTS unique products, and the entire customer journey – from social media to designs to how the package arrives at your doorstep – is meticulously thought out with an approach you won’t see anywhere else.

RSVLTS products are available online, and through a local retail program, customers can also find products in more than 100 family shops across the United States. Hudson County shoppers can find RSVLTS items in the American Dream Mall at Nickelodeon Universe.


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Don’t forget to use the code HobokenGirl to receive 20% off your first order at RSVLTS. Limit of one use per customer. You can contact store@rsvlts.com with questions.

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