High school students launch clothing brand to support mental health

A group of 12th graders use their ‘Turning Point’ brand to raise funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.

Created by 30 entrepreneurship students at Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School last semester, 20% of the profits from every garment sold goes to the Johnny Z Healthy Minds Fund.

“We knew that mental health was something everyone could relate to and we wanted to create a brand that could promote that and support mental health,” said Logan Curle, co-president of Turning Point.

He said they chose the foundation because it held similar beliefs, such as supporting bereavement.

Recently, the band donated $2,000 to the foundation with support from Regina Paramedics With Heart.

Turning Point said most suicide survivors describe it almost as a “turning point” in their lives and that the brand’s mission is that people don’t have to go through the worst, to realize how great their lives are. really valuable.

“Everyone matters and we want people to realize that and find their turning point before it’s too late,” Turning Point continued on its Facebook page.

The main logo was sketched on a piece of paper and animated on Co-Chair Tayson Smith’s cell phone.

Since then, Turning Point has also released a limited edition design.

“It’s a design that Jaxon MacDonald created, he sadly passed away, but before he died he actually wanted to create a brand that also promotes mental health and we kind of brought that to life and try to continue his legacy,” Curle said. .

With this design, ten percent of proceeds go to the JaxMac Foundation, an additional ten percent goes to the Johnny Z Healthy Minds Fund.

With the course over, the group is continuing Turning Point and looking to expand into items other than hoodies this summer.

“I think we want to bring it to an apparel company, so we can branch out and help with more mental health stuff and make a bigger difference,” Smith said.

This is Smith’s second attempt at starting a business, but this time inspiration is what led him to success.

“I found it easier to put a cause behind it and move in with friends and have that extra help,” he said.

Since its launch four months ago, Turning Point has sold nearly 200 hoodies across Canada.

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