Grand Seiko Unveils Limited Edition Watches Inspired by Shinshu Winters

Big, bold and simply beautiful, Grand Seiko’s new limited-edition sports watches are inspired by the wintery snowy landscapes of Shinshu, where its Spring Drive and quartz watches are made.

Barely a month into 2022, Grand Seiko is already releasing exciting new watch offerings. Marking the 20th anniversary of Grand Seiko’s first GMT watch, as well as the 15th anniversary of its very first chronograph, 2022 is an important year for the watchmaker. To celebrate, the brand unveiled two limited-edition offerings – limited-edition Spring Drive watches that take inspiration from the snow-capped mountains of Shinshu, which surround the studio in which these horological masterpieces are crafted.

Including a GMT version, as well as a GMT chronograph, both watches feature a special dial design that encapsulates the texture of snow, reminiscent of the look of mountain peaks in late winter and early spring. . During this time, strong winds are common in Japan and often create unique patterns in the surface of the snow as it cuts across the landscape – a detail Grand Seiko takes note of in its intricately detailed new offerings. Accents of blue can be found in both dials – an eye-catching nod to Shinshu’s bright blue winter sky.

The Spring Drive GMT (SBGE275): designed for adventure

An ideal watch for avid travelers, one of the highlights of the Spring Drive GMT is its silent, non-ticking seconds hand, which glides effortlessly across the dial. True to Grand Seiko’s focus on ultimate precision, the hour hand can be easily adjusted with uncompromising precision, while the GMT hand and 24-hour bezel allow the display of two additional time zones – the ideal companion for those who like to fly.

Grand Seiko SBGE275

When fully wound, the timepiece comes with an impressive 72-hour power reserve, and also features Lumibrite on the bezel, indexes, hour, minute and GMT hands, lighting up in the darkness to allow maximum visibility.

The Spring Drive Chronograph (SBGC247): precision at its best

Considered one of the most precise spring-driven movements in watchmaking, Grand Seiko’s new Spring Drive Chronograph can measure up to 12 hours of elapsed time, with an accuracy of 0.5 seconds per day. Thanks to the silent and fluid seconds hand, the watch revolutionizes time tracking by measuring elapsed time to the nearest second.

Utilizing a regulation system exclusive to the watchmakers’ iconic Spring Drive, the timepiece is able to maintain an impressive level of precision, even when operating with low power reserves.

Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive GMT is available in a limited edition of 1,500 pieces, while the Chronograph GMT edition is limited to 700 pieces. Both are available at Grand Seiko boutiques and select Grand Seiko dealers worldwide. To learn more, visit or

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