eBay UK extends authenticity guarantee to include second-hand designer handbags

“We know luxury shoppers are already coming to eBay to get their hands on hard-to-get items right down to luxury brands.” -Kirsty Keoghan
// eBay is extending its authenticity guarantee to include pre-loved luxury handbags over £500 in the UK
// The specialist service has been designed to provide online marketplace shoppers with an extra level of confidence

eBay UK has expanded its authenticity guarantee to include pre-loved luxury handbags.

From £500 and above, handbags from 19 luxury names including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Bottega Veneta will be reviewed and verified by eBay’s team of ‘expert’ authenticators.

The specialist service has been designed to give consumers an extra level of confidence to ensure they are buying genuine luxury goods on eBay and follows the successful launch of its same service for sneakers and watches last year. , which led to a turnover of several million pounds. increase in sales, eBay said.


Through research, eBay identified that 32% of its buyers have been hesitant to buy a second-hand luxury handbag on the platform in the past 24 months due to mistrust and concerns about authenticity.

The online marketplace said it will work with “carefully selected authenticators” who will carry out rigorous physical inspection, as well as the use of specialized machinery.

The purse authentication process will involve a thorough inspection, where the authenticator will verify that the condition of the purse matches the listing description, as well as inspecting the overall quality of materials and serialization, and will use magnification and measurement to inspect brand logo, hardware, chains, zippers and snaps, analyzing engraving and checking stitching.

All bags covered by the program will also receive a unique authenticity guarantee card containing information on the brand and model of the handbag to confirm its authenticity.

On top of that, eBay will also offer Verified Returns, ensuring that sellers who offer returns receive the same protection as buyers.

Kirsty Keoghan, director of luxury goods at eBay UK, said in a statement: “We know that luxury shoppers are already coming to eBay to get their hands on hard-to-obtain items through luxury brands. Recently on eBay a Hermes Kelly 28 handbag sold for 16,500 pounds.

“With the introduction of the Authenticity Guarantee, it gives our customers complete confidence that they are getting an authentic product from their favorite designers and helps remove any doubts. This is a game changer for the resale luxury market. We believe our sellers will also like this as it provides them with premium service when selling luxury handbags.

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