Dopamine-inducing watches are having a major moment

Fortunately, there are many more accessible options. Breitling was quick to expand its color spectrum in many of its ranges, from the soft gelato hues of the Superocean Heritage ’57 Pastel Paradise and Chronomat Automatic 36 South Sea Capsule collection, to the tangy colors of the Endurance Pro.

Hublot, a perpetual innovator in terms of materials, took the opportunity to bring color to timekeeping. While the brand may have made a name for itself as a forerunner of the black-on-black trend of the early 2000s, in-house experimentation led it to become a market leader in colored sapphire crystal, ceramic and carbon. This year, the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire, the Big Bang Integral Sky Blue Ceramic and the Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Green are perfect examples.

Hublot Tourbillon Big Bang Automatic Sapphire Purple

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Answering a clarion call from collectors, Cartier last year reintroduced its affordable Must de Cartier line from the 1970s with three bold reservoirs in dark red, blue and green lacquer. The reception was just as thrilling as expected and for 2022 the color continued in the more luxurious Tank Louis with a deceptively 3D Op Art dial in wine red.

At Audemars Piguet, simple flat color is used sparingly in the Code 11.59 collection, with the brand preferring effects achieved from smoked and lacquered sunburst dials in striking jewel shades reminiscent of amethyst, garnet, tanzanite and gray jasper. The same colors exist in the current Royal Oak collection, along with ice blue and emerald, where they take on a more contemporary appearance thanks to the brand’s signature tapestry pattern.

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Omega Constellation 28mm Ladies Watch

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Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Watch

Diving into the party of colors later this summer, Omega will introduce new Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M models in 38mm and 34mm. The colors of the sunbrushed and lacquered dial are said to represent the watch’s aquatic and earthly references – from Atlantic blue and lagoon green to terracotta and lavender. For those who can’t wait for the September launch, 28mm Constellation models in dusty pink, patchouli flower, celestial blue and matcha green are already available, as well as three 29mm Constellation Aventurine pieces with hard stone dials green, red or blue.

Alongside the color-matched dials, bezels and straps are the perennial gem-set rainbows, a trend pioneered again by Rolex with its rarely seen Rainbow Daytonas and quickly adopted by other luxury brands. Hublot to Ball, Breitling and Roger Dubuis. In a more stylized way, Dior offers arcs of color with a distinctive 1970s vibe through the asymmetrical arrangement of hard stones in the Gem Dior wristwatch. Even monochrome-loving Chanel embraced the rainbow with its takeover of Electro last year, which drew inspiration from the 1990s Parisian rave scene. For 2022, the brand opted for the color-block with Red Editions in the Boy.Friend and J12 collections.

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The image may contain: wristwatch

Chanel Boy.Friend Skeleton Red Edition Watch

And if it had to be proven that color transcends gender, look no further than the ultra-macho brand Richard Mille. Never afraid to inject a touch of neon into its timepieces – from the green and yellow of the RM 61-01 Yohan Blake to the orange of the RM 52-05 Pharrell Williams – in 2019, it has presented a surprise but sold-out collection based on traditional children’s sweets, pastels and marshmallow candies contrast strongly with the brand’s very technical make-up. And in a flashback to BonBon confectionery – as well as a nod to the lucky color of RM’s golfing ambassador – the brand has just released the Tourbillon RM 39-02 Bubba Watson Pink.

As for which color will be the next big thing, for Charlie Pragnell, Managing Director of The Pragnell Group, the safest bet is to look at jewelry trends. “Signs of developing preferences are seen in jewelry before watches,” he says. “Personalization is increasingly in demand in both, and more colorful dials offer more choice. Greens, from olive to turquoise, are popular in watch faces and currently in jewelry it’s teal – so we’ll probably see watch faces in that color soon.

While Robinson says there’s a lean towards softer pastel options such as seashell pink, he’s also noticed a demand for turquoise. Toulson also agrees with Pragnell that green is here to stay, adding: “Equally, blue remains a popular choice. Beyond these two, orange is much more prominent today – it lends itself to sport [and] diving watches just like yellow. All in all, there’s a rainbow of options for men and women at nearly every price point, so finding a color you love and puts a smile on your face has never been easier.

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