Citizen launches two new Promaster watches inspired by the 1977 Challenge Diver | WatchTime

The genres of stories of the two new Promaster Citizen watches can tell is the one that enthusiasts adore. Legend has it that in 1983 a Citizen diver’s watch was found at Long Reef Beach in Australia. The challenge diver, launched in 1977, was covered in barnacles after being submerged in the Pacific Ocean, but the movement inside had remained protected from seawater and was still functioning. The number of barnacles attached to the watch indicated that it had been in the ocean for several years.

The new Promaster additions are inspired by the original Challenge Diver design, but their features and movement inside have been updated for modern use. Their cases are 41mm in diameter, water resistant to 200 meters, and made of Citizen’s lightweight, scratch-resistant Super Titanium. The sapphire crystal has a flat top and a domed bottom, and the sides of the crystal are beveled to give a thick, retro look.

Inside, the automatic caliber 9051 uses anti-magnetic materials for the hairspring and surrounding components to increase the watch’s magnetic resistance. According to Citizen, it retains its performance even when placed one centimeter from a device emitting a magnetic field of 16,000 A/m. The watches are also resistant to magnetic fields from everyday devices, including smartphones, and can even be used on ships equipped with magnetic compasses. In addition to being resistant to magnetic fields, they are also ISO compliant with diving watches up to 200 meters.

Citizen Promasters will be available for purchase in the summer, although pricing details have yet to be announced.

To learn more, visit Citizen, here.

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