Bankruptcy Katie Price encourages her son Harvey to spend the fortune of his sartorial empire

Katie Price announced her eldest son Harvey was following in her footsteps and launching a clothing group earlier this year

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Katie Price and Harvey discuss her clothing line

Proud mum Katie Price has revealed her son Harvey is emerging as a businessman, having launched a fashion line, as the teenager shared how he intended to spend his profits.

The 19-year-old is the son of Katie, 43, and his former lover Dwight Yorke, 50, although Katie raised him without the help of the ex-footballer.

In February of this year, Katie proudly announced that Harvey was launching her own collection of clothing inspired by her favorite animal; the humble frog.

Now, 10 months after starting the business, Katie, who was herself declared bankrupt in 2019, posed wearing her son’s designs as she asked him how he planned to spend the money. he wins from his business empire.

Katie Price asks son Harvey how he plans to spend the money he made selling a fashion collection



Speaking to YouTube this week, Katie – posing with a hat with a gold ‘H’ on the brim – said, “We’re all wearing Harvey stuff today. What do you think? And you get this money, it’s all your money.

Questioning her oldest child, Katie asked, “Are you a businessman? What are you going to spend it on? “

Squeezing it harder, Katie asked, “Do you want to spend it on mum? What do you want to buy mum?”

Harvey then replied, “A flower” – prompting Katie to say, “A flower, oh that’s so cute. “

Katie said the money raised from Harvey’s sales was all her



Katie was thrilled to announce Harvey’s pattern collection earlier this year – with t-shirts, hoodies and jogging bottoms part of her lineup.

The teenager had added his own handwriting to designs that featured frog designs to include the words “Harvey’s love.”

Her collection was launched in partnership with Born Anxious – a company that aspired to create comfortable clothing designed in the most ethical way possible – with items selling for between £ 20 and £ 40.

While Harvey’s fortunes appear to be going well, the same can’t be said for hapless Katie.

Earlier this month, the former model sparked fury when she narrowly escaped jail following a drunk driving incident in September.

A judge said Katie “deserved” jail but had escaped jail time for her crimes – which also included prohibited and uninsured driving – after taking a rehabilitation course at the Priory.

While Katie’s legal woes have been a positive outcome for her, she is believed to be bankrupt – having suffered financial worries since 2019.

Katie was due to appear in court before the end of this year to brief administrators on her debt repayment – but her days have since been pushed back to February of next year.

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The star was declared bankrupt at the end of 2019 – reports indicating she owed more than £ 3.5million for a number of reasons, including legal fees and costs related to a working farm.

Speaking about her financial situation in April of this year, Katie seemed to be keeping an optimistic view.

She said OK! at the time: “I was sucked in the past. I have been mentally abused and broken by everyone. It’s not like I have skeletons in my closet, but everyone tried to squeeze everything out of me. But now I can fall asleep at night and I’m like “F ** k it”. My bankruptcy is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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