Are Video Game Watches a Thing Now?


Retro and vintage have been the dominant winds in the watchmaking world for years now. These ’60s and’ 70s timepieces are cool and popular, but they were created to reflect the technology and spirit of their times – and sometimes it feels like our generation lacks its own watch design and style. . So where can modern watchmakers get inspiration from?

Over the past year (and even over the past week or so), there have been more examples of watches with video games, VR, or similar themes to the extent that it might even smell a mini trend. Yes, some also play on retro nostalgia, but others are decidedly futuristic. There are a lot of creative possibilities in the concept. Here are a few new and recent examples that, at the very least, offer something you don’t see every day.

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CD Projekt T ‑ 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 x Błonie Watch

The Polish video game maker has teamed up with local watchmaker BÅ‚onie to create a special watch for its Cyberpunk 2077 Game. To nerd eyes, the “cyberpunk” conjures up a mechanical clockwork movement, while this style of LED digital watch looks straight out of the 70s. And yet, it seems to fit right in with the nearby universe. of the future of the game.

8-bit Brew Retrograph watch

This week, Brew, our favorite coffee-culture-inspired New York watchmaker, presented a playful new take on their Retrograph watch with a pixelated theme based on ’80s arcade games. Even the chronograph hands have a Awesome, pixelated execution like you’ve probably never seen before. You have to smile at something like that, and the brand keeps it as affordable and portable as ever with a Seiko Mecaquartz movement and 38mm diameter.

Casio G-Shock watch entirely in metal GMWB5000TVA1

At first glance, it might look like the plastic-cased G-Shocks you’ve seen before. It has the same basic exterior design but is made to a much higher standard in titanium with a sapphire crystal and is loaded with subtle details meant to evoke gaming worlds and science fiction in general. If you were piloting a giant Japanese robot in a future space war, this is the watch you want.

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Titanium Far Cry 6 Watch

Video game watches don’t need to be quartz, digital, or overt in their design theme – you can get a classic-looking automatic field watch that has a strong connection to gaming as well. This one is based on one of our favorite Field Watches, but this version was created for the game. Far cry 6 – appearing both on virtual characters in the game as well as on your wrist in real life if you want to snag one of the 1,983 limited series examples.

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