A class apart: the 10 most expensive FP Journe watches

Combining technological innovation and horological art, FP Journe watches date back to 1999 when FP Journe founded the high-end luxury brand in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the only watchmaking company still based in Geneva, with its head office, exhibition space and manufacturing facilities located in the same surroundings. The watchmaker has only a handful of stores in the world, and customers have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy his watch. FP Journe is one of the most famous and admired independent watchmakers and manufacturer who uses research and skill to create thoughtful designs with precision.

Bearing the motto Invenit et Fecit, or Invented and Made, each FP Journe watch that bears its name is designed with an original concept and meticulous know-how. A perfect blend of horological science and contemporary watchmaking, here is a collection guide to the most expensive FP Journe watches.

ten Octa Sports Indy 500 – $ 20,000

A watch designed to celebrate the Octa Sports Indy 500 was created to commemorate French racing driver Jean Alesi during the Indy 500 Race. As mentioned by Luxury Magazine, only 99 units were produced of the timepiece. The original 42mm FP Journe has the Indy 500 and Lotus Racing logos in the case and comes with a black aluminum case and matching dial.

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9 Octa Automatic – $ 30,000

The Automatic has a distinctive looking dial unlike any other FP Journe watch. Like other watches, the Automatic does not have circled numerals, but it does have multiple displays for three sets of hands for the date, minutes, hours, and small seconds. As the case is partially transparent, users get a glimpse into the inner workings of the intricately designed watch.

8 Octa Automatic Calendar – $ 35,000

This edition of the Octa Automatic has an elegant update with a black leather strap, a 38mm gold case and a functional calendar mechanism that displays the month and day. It has an additional functionality: a display of hours, minutes and small seconds. The contrast between the silver dial and blue hands makes it an attractive detail, and the watch has a 120-hour automatic power reserve.

7 Sovereign Chronometer Boutique Platinum Edition – $ 35,000

A watch designed for lovers of black aesthetics, the Chronometre Souverain Platinum Boutique Edition features a modern and attractive design. The gray dial perched on the black leather strap has a 55-hour power reserve, and the manual movement occurs with 22 jewels. Breaking the standards, the watch features a configurable dial, making it a high-end and one-of-a-kind timepiece.

6 Zodiac Limited Edition – $ 40,000

The Zodiac Limited Edition was only produced between 2003 and 2005, creating just 150 pieces in platinum, as stated The watch box. The outermost ring of the dial displays the signs of the zodiac, which shows the connection between the signs of the zodiac and the history of timekeeping. The ring under the zodiacs indicates the months, while the dial has a date and small seconds display.

5 Centigraphe Souverain Chronograph – $ 40,000

This beautifully crafted watch features an innovative dial that displays as an oversized crown. With three separate displays, there are Arabic numerals on the outer ring. The subtle Arabic detail on the large platinum-set dial enhances the well-crafted design. With a look that is both traditional and contemporary, the watch has a 56-hour power reserve.

4 Octa Moon – $ 45,000

First released in 2007, Octa Lune is a timeless watch that combines the most luxurious details. The 40mm platinum case has a mother of pearl and silver dial. Multiple displays on the watch including hours, minutes, small seconds, date and moon phases. It has a self-winding movement and a transparent case.

3 Sovereign Resonance – $ 60,000

Another watch from the FP Journe collection with an intriguing dial, the Resonance Souverain, has five sets of hands in a single case. Crafted from 40mm platinum case, the gray dial displays seconds, minutes, hours, a power reserve indicator and GMT time. The look is finished in black crocodile leather with a platinum buckle.

2 Dead Seconds Tourbillon – $ 105,000

The Dead Seconds Tourbillon is an exclusive timepiece from FP Journe. The Dead Seconds Tourbillon has a unique dial, design and display. According to FP Journe, the Dead Seconds compilation in the watch causes the second hand to stop every second until it has elapsed. Breaking the traditional standard of time scanning, movement can be captured on the transparent area of ​​the watch.

1 T30, Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Tourbillon – $ 115,000

FP Journe’s most expensive watch on the list, the Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Tourbillon, looks refreshingly different from other watches with its beige leather strap and rose gold dial. It displays Roman numerals rather than Arabic numerals and comes with two screens, each equipped with a set of blue hands, as indicated by Silver INC. Enclosed in a gold case, the timepiece has a manual winding movement.

With this list of exclusive and unique watches, FP Journe has managed to discover all aspects of ancient watchmaking over the past thirty years. With hours of in-depth research and the design of truly unique timepieces, FP Journe has adapted to the changing times while retaining the history of timekeeping with its collection of watches.

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