How can Michael Kors win its market again

In 1981, fashion designer Mike Cross founded his own brand. Mike Cross was born in New York and has been the creative director of LVMH group’s high-end luxury brand CELINE (Celine), and has successfully led Celine out of the doldrums.

At the same time, Mike, who has been the jury of 8 years as the designer’s reality show “Project Runway”, has made him well known in the United States and laid the foundation for MK to become a “national brand” in the United States.

It is the wife of Michel, the former president of the United States, who has brought MK to the top. She has been wearing MK dress on several occasions. The presidential effect, coupled with the popularity of Hollywood stars, was directly incorporated into the first group of fashion industry in 3 or 4 years after MK went public in 2011.

The most direct performance comes from the financial statements. In fiscal year 2012 to fiscal 2015, sales growth of MK was 62%, 69%, 52% and 32% respectively, while the composite growth rate of the same period was about 10%.

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