MICHAEL KORS brings you endless cool this summer

With the advent of summer, the temperature gradually increased, and the feeling of summer became stronger and stronger. At this time, we should change our heavy and complicated clothes and travel light in soft tones. MICHAEL KORS has launched a new product. Let’s see how cool it will bring to you this summer.

Summer is associated with the sun, beach, swimming pool, in order to cater to such a theme, the light luxury package brand MICHAEL KORS new season package is to prepare handbags as the feature, let us enjoy the summer style, the cool color in the gentle breeze appears to be more soft.

The first is the Malibu large cortex totte bag, which is made of a smooth textured leather package with a delicate gold lock pendant and a popular trapezoidal shape. This bag makes coconut leaf fiber, whether it’s going to the beach for a holiday or having a picnic. Its inner space is very abundant, it can put down the daily necessities of the holiday or picnic, and it has a stickers in it. It can be used to collect some important personal items and the design is very considerate. Of course, the daily street, carrying this bag can give people a bright effect, this summer has added a touch of cool.

Then the Malibu Medium leather handbag, which is a square outline design, is simple and elegant, emitting the unique temperament of the 1950s classic suitcase. This single product is also made of smooth textured leather with a gold lock pendant. The four angle leather package can provide enough protection for the bottom. The inside of the bag is equipped with soft suede leather, and the texture from inside to outside can be loved. The interior space is just for the daily necessities. This package still follows the light luxury package MICHAEL KORS’s consistent design – a package of two uses that can both handle and adjust the shoulder straps. This bag can be packed into a suitcase during travel. As long as you put a T-shirt or other soft filling in the bag, you don’t have to worry about being crushed.

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